What is plotter and types of plotter? |

What is plotter and types of plotter? 

In this post we are learn what is plotter and its types. The plotter is an output device this is the same as printers that give hardcopy output or we can say printing on paper. The difference lies in that plotters are used to draw large images like graphs, maps, and charts.

What is plotters?

The plotter is an output device that draws pictures on a large piece of paper. The plotter is a very versatile tool. It is sometimes confused with a printer, but a plotter uses line drawings to form an image instead of using dots.

A common type of plotter is one that uses a pen or pencil to draw lines on paper as images are typed. It may be a component that is added to a computer system or it may have its internal computer.

Multicolor plotters use different colored pens to draw different colors. Plotters are mainly used to print maps, layouts, banners, and reports that are very large. The main advantages of plotter are producing line drawings with a very high degree of accuracy. In general, plotters are considerably more expensive than printers. They are used in engineering applications where precision is mandatory.

What is plotter and types of plotter

Types of Plotters

There are three types of plotters:-

  1. Flatbed Plotters
  2. Drum Plotters
  3. Ink jet plotter
  4. Electrostatic plotter
  5. Cutting plotter
  6. Pinch roller plotter

Flatbed Plotters

The flatbed plotters are horizontally aligned with a flat surface to which a piece of paper is attached.

The paper remains stationary and the printer moves pens across the paper to draw the image.

The pens with ink of different colors are used for multi-colored plotting.

The flatbed is less noisy.

These are quite big.

Drum Plotters

Drum plotter is also an important types of plotter in which the paper on which we will create the drawings, wraps around a drum.

The pens move across the drum and draw on the paper when the drum rotates.

Ink jet plotter

Ink stream plotter is for the most part famous sorts of plotter particularly among specialists. Some inkjet plotter has three variety ranges of cyan, red and yellow and some have four variety ranges of past three and a dark too.

Electrostatic plotter

A plotter that prints using electrostatic ink. In liquid toner models, a positively charged toner is drawn to negatively charged paper that has passed by a line of electrodes (tiny wires or nibs).

Cutting Plotter

When we manufacture sign, billboard advertising, or vehicle graphics, cutting plotters have a fantastic speed. One could describe it as a large-scale cutting tool.

Pinch roller plotter

These plotters are no longer used very much. 
The paper is placed on a pinch roller mechanism in this instance.


Question: What is plotter with example?
Answer: Printer, monitor, speaker, plotter

Question: Device used to print graphical outputs such as graphs and designs by the computer on a paper is called?
Answer: Plotter

Question: What are the different types of paper plotter?
Answer: Vellum plotter paper, Gloss plotter paper, and Bond plotter paper

Question: Type of plotter in which a paper is held on a rotating drum and lines are drawn with pen movements is classified as?
Answer: Drum plotter

Question: Device that can be used to switch current without any mechanical movement is called?
Answer: Transistors

Question: What are the six types of plotters?
Answer: 1. Flatbed Plotters
2. Drum Plotters
3. Ink jet plotter
4. Electrostatic plotter
5. Cutting plotter
6. Pinch roller plotter

Question: What are two functions of plotter?
Answer: Designing and creating architectural plans for buildings.

Question: Why do you need a plotter?
Answer: Plotter is used to producing high quality, durable technical drawings for computer-aided design (CAD), blueprints for construction projects, banners, and architectural renderings and designs.

Question: What is the largest plotter size?
Answer: Plotter paper rolls are 150, 300 or 500 feet.

Question: Is plotter an input device?
Answer: Plotter is output device.
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