What is RSS Feed and how added in shopify website

What is RSS Feed and how added in shopify website?

In this article we are learning about "What is RSS Feed and how added in shopify website". First understand what is rss feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) channels are a generalized design used to frequently deliver fresh content from sites or web magazines. Users are able to subscribe to a website's content and receive automatic updates whenever new content is posted there.

What is RSS Feed and how added in shopify website

News headlines, blog posts, podcasts and other types of content are often distributed via RSS feeds. A list of items, each representing a separate piece of content such as an article or blog post, can be found in the feed. Title, description, publication date and a link to the full content are usually included in the feed for each item.

What is RSS Feed?

An RSS reader or aggregator, which may be a standalone application, a web-based service, or integrated into a web browser or email client, allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds. New content is shown to the user when the RSS reader checks the subscribed feed for updates on a regular basis.

The Elfsight app can be used to add an RSS feed to your Shopify website. follow these steps:

Install the Elfsight RSS Feed app: 

Go to the Shopify app store and search for the Elfsite RSS channel app. To add it to your Shopify store, find it and click "Add app," then follow the on-screen instructions.

Configure the RSS Feed app:    

After installing the app, open it from your Shopify admin panel. You will need to connect your RSS feed source, by entering the URL of the RSS feed you want to display. ElfSight allows you to pull channels from a variety of sources such as web magazines, news sites, or any important RSS channel URL.

Customize the feed appearance: 

Elfsight gives you options to customize how your RSS feed looks and feels. You can choose the layout, font style, colors, and other visual elements to match your website design. For each feed item, you can also have the option of displaying a picture, excerpt, or timestamp.

Preview and test the feed: 

Use the preview feature in the Elfsight app to see how the feed will look on your Shopify website before publishing. This way you can make any necessary adjustments to the appearance or settings.

Add the feed to your Shopify website:

Save the modifications in the Elfsight app when you are satisfied with the configuration and preview. The application will create a new code scrap.

Embed the feed on your website: 

Take a copy of the code provided by elfsite. Now, go to "Online Store" > "Themes" > "Actions" > "Edit Code" in your Shopify admin panel. Find the appropriate place in your topic where you want the RSS channel to appear.

Insert the code snippet: 

Inside the code supervisor, find the appropriate layout document (for example, sidebar.liquid, footer.liquid) and embed the code scrap in the ideal area. save Changes.

Publish the changes:

After inserting the code snippet to display an RSS feed on your Shopify website, save the modifications and publish your theme.

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